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Aesthetic and dermatological machines by Heyi Laseres

About Heyi

The pursuit of beauty is the right of all people.
Thanks to the development of modern technology, especially the wide application of laser technology in the medical beauty industry, the aesthetic effects that previously relied on chemicals or surgery to achieve, now have simpler, safer, and more efficient solutions.

On the basis that our parent company has 19 years of production and design experience on light-based medical & aesthetic devices for dermatologist and beauticians, Heyi was born as a professional aesthetic equipment exporter and solution provider for beauty treatments such as permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, fat elimination, tattoo & pigmentation removal, vascular lesions, etc. 

As an excellent partner of beauty salons, beauty clinics, and dermatologists, Heyi helps your customers to spend less money and look more beautiful.

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