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Cavitation + RF + Vacuum

Advantages of this workstation:

1. The entire process is completed without the need for surgery or anesthesia.

2. irregular phenomena cause skin.

3. No cause of bleeding or swelling.

4. Without side effects and no risk of increasing the weight back, the results are obvious.

5. The non-invasive treatment does not affect the normal life of the patient.

6. Ergonomic, lightweight handset design.


Reduce diffuse and localized fat pads;

Improving the tone and elasticity of skin tissue;

Reduction of cellulite;

Body contouring;

Elimination of incipient stretch marks.

This device has Cavitation, Radio Frequency (RF), and Vacuum functions integrated.


Effectively promotes cavitation metabolism in body tissues, reduces cellulite, firms the skin, and improves elasticity with lasting effects. In addition, It can increase muscle flexibility and promote cell metabolism. The cavitation manipulation emits waves with a frequency of 40 kHz. The ultrasonic waves converge on the area to try and cause the repeated creation of "micro-bubbles". These bubbles accumulate energy to implode separating fatty nodules, breaking the membrane of adipocytes, and dissolving the fat-containing allowing the release of the contents thereof. These bubbles do "vibrate" so fat that destroys transforming triglycerides diglyceride. The fat passes from a solid to a liquid state. These released fats will be eliminated naturally by the body through urine.

RF(Radio Frequency):

Generates an electric field that changes from positive to negative, causing a rotational movement of molecules to generate heat. By applying energy to the skin, a strength of our tissues occurs in the passage of the RF. This resistance makes an internal tissue temperature elevation occurs. It is achieved by gradually restructuring the deep collagen, including those new fibers that replace the aged and make the most firm and elastic tissues in general, improving skin condition.


Makes Radiofrequency enter a specific area of the skin, which greatly enhances the effects and safety. In turn, the vacuum stretches fibrillation connective tissue, breaking fat effectively subcutaneously, it promotes metabolism and reduces or decreasing the size of the accumulated fat.

Operation of cavitation vacuum radio frequency
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