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1550nm Erbium glass laser

Features of 1550nm Erbium glass laser fractional:

Rapid and uniform distribution of the beam.

Preset scanning form, covering an area of 3.0cm*3.0cm each time.

3.Low cost
Low cost for maintenance for no disposable parts.

With the flexible operation, the penetration depth is controllable.

5. Safe

It is a non-ablative method.


1. Skin aging sagging and inelastic.
2. Eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, striated lines, fine wrinkles.
3. Acne acne scars.
4. Large pores, oily skin.
5. Stretch marks.

The principle of 1550nm laser for skin revitalization:

The loss of collagen makes skin darken and aging.
1550nm Erbium glass laser works on the skin with a fractional location.

The laser beam forms a dense three-dimensional physical heated zone within the treatment tissue.

Automatic recovery of heated areas and the heat conduction effect lead to the regeneration of collagen and skin vitality.

1550 nm laser fractional erbium glass
non-ablative 1550nm erbium laser fractional
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