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Do skin analysis before facial care

This is a facial scanner that you have never seen before.

It helps you to get the most comprehensive and accurate basis and advice before doing facial treatment to clients.

  • 3D simulation technology (accurately recognizes facial features and quantitatively analyzes four major problem skins)

  • 8 spectrum imaging (RGB white light, positive polarization, negative polarization, UV365, light, blue light 405, red light, brown light)

  • 11.6" touch screen

  • 14 skin indicators and test reports

  • 28 million high-definition pixels (images are clearer, recognition is more accurate, analysis is more accurate)

  • 40 filters are distributed beside the camera to ensure that the skin is not affected by any light

  • Wireless WiFi transmission

  • Cloud computing and cloud storage

  • AI automatic face recognition (using artificial intelligence face recognition algorithm to accurately identify o area t area u area. Data is more accurate and faster)

  • Deep self-learning (combine with large database annotations to accurately identify and analyze problems existing in various skins)

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