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Why skin analyzer is popular?

The skin analyzer (skin detector or facial scanner) is an indispensable machine for opening a beauty studio (beauty salon and beauty clinic). Diagnosed first and then treated.

This magic mirror skin tester can not only detect the skin problems that have been exposed on the surface of the face but also more intuitively show the problems hidden in the bottom layer of the skin through quantitative analysis.

【Smart Skin Detector】Heyi-M9

【Screen size】11 inches

【Camera Pixels】20 million

【Number of Spectra】5 Lights

【 Detection dimension 】 12 items

Epidermis: Pores, Wrinkles, Spots, Roughness

Dermis: acne, blackheads, pigment, moisture

Problem skin: sensitive skin, skin sunscreen, fluorescent agent, lead and mercury precipitation

Prediction: future pigmentation, future aging, future whitening

【Special function introduction】

1. Equipped with an 11-inch high-definition tablet all-in-one machine

2. The folding screen can be opened horizontally at 180°, providing a full range of testing and analysis services.

3. The integrated design does not need to be connected to a computer and comes with a tablet system.

4. Hidden hood, not easy to damage, simple and beautiful.

5. Local data collection, which can be detected without networking.

6. Nursing suggestions can be managed and edited by customers themselves.

7.12 detection dimensions are accurately detected and detailed diagnostic reports are provided

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